A Celebration of Umesh Chandra's Life

This website is a celebration of Umesh Chandra's life  and career in the state of Andhra Pradesh, India. This website is being developed and maintained by the following family members.

  • Chadalavada Venugopala Rao
  • Chadalavada Satish Chandra
  • Raavi Narendra
  • Jaasti Ramakanth
  • Raavi Kavita

Since, the amount of material available will fill several Gigabytes of disk, we hope to include all this material on this website over the next few months. We are actively scanning new photographs and press clips. We are preparing several other video clips also. This material is continually being organized and prepared for publication. We expect to provide information from official police and government files as and when they are made available to us. 

Soon a public trust will be established to support and further the ideals espoused by Umesh Chandra. This trust will undertake several tasks including providing medical equipment to hospitals, facilitating the development of certain regions of the districts where Umesh Chandra worked, etc.

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