Career Highlights

The I.P.S Training Period (A.S.P. trainee):

Umesh Chandra began his I.P.S training in the Warangal district, a district notorious for naxal violence. His honesty, integrity, fairness and zeal for work was recognized by one and all, gaining him the reputation as an excellent officer. He took on the difficult task of flushing out naxalites immediately. He planned and actively participated in all operations and lead his teams with daring and panache. Inspired by his leadership, his team members immersed themselves wholeheartedly in the tasks he set out for them. His positive attitude and leadership resulted in many successes against the naxalites, thereby envigorating the police force in the district.

Warangal District (A.S.P. rural):

After his training, Umesh Chandra was posted in the same district as A.S.P (rural). He continued his onslaught on the naxalites and was very successful in apprehending many of them. His seniors were impressed with his work ethic, professionalism, and care towards the people of the district. He was very affectionate to the common man. He started a highly successful public awareness campaign entitled "Jana Jaagruti". Several cultural troupes were formed as part of this effort. This program has been emulated in other districts as well. All this while he was still pursuing naxalites. As a result of his efforts to curb naxal violence, he was targetted by the naxals at this early stage in his career.

Pulivendla Division (A.S.P):

Umesh Chandra's bravery and intelligence impressed his senior police officials. He was next given the task of cleaning up Pulivendala (Cuddapah district) of all rowdies and goondas. He was very stern with the antisocial elements and rid the sub-division of all troublesome characters. He also destroyed several gambling centers. Elections were no more the violent episodes of factional fighting, pollbooth grabbing, murder and mayhem. This earned him the praise of the common man. Many poems and songs were written in his praise during his short stay of three months. He was publicly honoured for his efforts in bringing peace to the area.

Warangal District (O.S.D):

Umesh Chandra then returned to Warangal as Officer on Special Duty. He continued his work in the district apprehending criminals, helping the common man, uplifting the spirits of the police force, and projecting the humane side of the police force. The attitude of the people towards the police changed markedly during his tenure in the Warangal district. His onslaught on the naxalites continued. He visited remote landmine infested areas with little regard to his own safety. He planned and executed with precision strategems for the capture of naxalites.

Cuddapah District (S.P):

The goverment of Andhra Pradesh recognized in Umesh Chandra the extraordinary ability to quickly identify and eliminate the root cause of any problem. The government chose him to bring order to the chaotic district of Cuddapah and promoted him to SUPERINTENDENT OF POLICE. He accepted the challenge and started work in his earnest way.

Umesh Chandra was instrumental in raising the morale of the entire police force of that region. He continued with the implementation of Jana Jaagruti in Cuddapah too. His public awareness campaigns instilled a sense of identity in the police and the people of that constituency. The people started to trust the police to do the right thing. In spite of his busy schedule he allocated several hours each day of his personal time to listen to problems faced by the people of the district. He spent many hours a week of his personal time addressing the issues faced by the people of the district. His efforts resulted in the virtual elimination of all unlicensed arms and ammunition.

During this time, Umesh Chandra "liberated" the common man from the clutches of factionalism and feudalism. Shortly after his arrival in Cuddapah, he made the streets secure for people to travel at night. Before his arrival, no woman could set foot on the street without being assaulted. Umesh Chandra led by example. His unswerving adherence to truth and justice prompted many factional leaders in the district to voluntarily give up their illegal arms and end their feuds.

He set new standards for policing, and administration for the entire state of Andhra Pradesh. He raised the spirit of his subordinates and moulded them as great soldiers. He instilled pride in the police force and built confidence in the police force among the people of this district. Many letters, poems and songs were written in his praise. As a result of his work, every police official worked diligently to ensure that the district remained peaceful. In a district where violence was the norm during elections, Umesh Chandra's methods produced excellent results by eliminating all violence during election time.

Umesh Chandra was the first to reach the remote areas with essential commodities and health care teams when floods ravaged the Cuddapah district. The police force contributed a portion of their pay towards the relief fund. Leaders of all parties, from all sections of the community praised Umesh Chandra's work and attitude. He received many letters of praise from the public expressing that he is a God in their view. His work can be visualized in those letters. He was called as Cuddapah tiger. Typically, sports figures and movie stars have fans associations. Umesh Chandra is/was probably the only government official in the entire country to have a fans association. Umesh Chandra exhorted this association to be useful to the society at large.

Umesh Chandra not only instilled pride in the police force, but also paid a lot of attention to the welfare of the police families. He expedited work to lay roads, provide water and gas connections to the police lines. This also raised the standard of living of the constables.

His transfer to Karimnagar was opposed by every peace loving person in the district. The common man, civic leaders, the police force, all expressed great disappointment in the government's action. The entire district of Cuddapah gave their favorite son the farewell of a lifetime. Suffice to say, such an event had never happened in the past, and will probably never happen again. The scenes from the farewell function are only to be experienced, and cannot be adequately described in words. The outpouring of love for their favorite son and police officer, and outrage at his transfer provide a spectacle unparalleled in the history of the police departments of this country.

Karimnagar District (S.P.):

Karimnagar was Umesh Chandra's next assignment. This district has always been the worst affected by naxalites and their criminal activities of all districts in Andhra Pradesh. Umesh Chandra continued his war on the naxalites. His colleagues opine that Umesh Chandra achieved in his short stay of 10 months what could not be achieved in more than decade before he took charge as S.P. Karimnagar.

Umesh Chandra put an end to the very lucrative, yet illegal and bogus chit fund operations. He closed down all bogus chit fund organizations and made the operators return the hard-earned money of the common folk.

He set guidelines of behavior for the entire police force. He supported his subordinates in all cases. He was also stern and did not tolerate indiscriminate actions and bad conduct by the police. The police officials followed his lead and worked for the upliftment of the society. He rewarded industrious and excelling police officials with promotions, incentives and pay hikes. His "Jana Jaagruti" programs produced the expected results here as well. The people were happy with the policing and administration in the district. A sound body is essential for a sound mind. To this effect, Umesh Chandra organised sports meets, thereby providing much needed recreation for the police.

In addition to his pursuit and apprehension of the extremists, he also gave them a chance to change their ways. He succeeded in convincing a number of extremists to change their way of life. He augmented his war on extremists by targetting the leaders for capture. In a very short career, he alone was responsible for a drastic reduction in naxal activities in this district.

The government succumbed to pressure by corrupt and vested interests and transferred him again to the D.G.P office as A.I.G Sports and Welfare. After 7 years of exemplary service, this transfer to a post of very little work amounts to an insult to Umesh Chandra's integrity and intelligence. Umesh Chandra bore this insult stoically and took over new task with the same earnest attitude as before. The entire police force was incensed with this act. During this confusion antisocial elements resorted to reckless acts of damaging of public property. Though Umesh Chandra was no longer the SP of Karimnagar, he exerted his influence to mitigate the damage. Yet, unjustifiably, he was suspended. The judicial commission appointed to probe the violence cleared Umesh Chandra and the police of all charges. Interestingly, this report has not been publicised as much as the criticisms directed towards Umesh Chandra.

AIG: Sports and Welfare:

The additional charge of computers was entrusted to Umesh Chandra soon after taking charge. Within a span of three short months Umesh Chandra set up a fully functional, modern computer center. He guided the development and deployment of election management software in this short period.

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