Letters to Umesh Chandra


Umesh Chandra received a number of letters from people of all walks of life when he was the S.P. of Cuddapah and Karimnagar. Umesh Chandra was accessible to the common man with genuine grievances.

Many of these letters represent an outpouring of love, affection, admiration and adoration for his work in the district. Several others show indignance at the trumped up charges and political pressure brought to bear on Umesh Chandra and the police by vested interests. Most of these letters were written by the common man with little education, who were aroused to write simple yet emotionally filled letters.

These letters also give a true picture of situation in Cuddapah before and after he took over as the Superintendent of Police.

Umesh Chandra received numerous letters. Due to space constraints, Umesh Chandra's father, Sri Venugopal Rao published some of these letters in the form of a book entitled:

Umesh Chandra & his Admirers

The entire book and its cover page is included, and has the following cover page.

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