Public Awareness: Jana Jaagruti Programmes


Umesh Chandra initiated a programme entitled "Jana Jaagruti" for the first time in Warangal district. He continued this programme in Cuddapah and Karimnagar districts as well. Several cultural troupes were formed as part of this effort. This program has been emulated in other districts as well. The phrase "Jana Jaagruti" literally means public awareness. This program has the following goals:

  • To instill a sense of pride and belonging within the police force.

  • To increase peoples awareness of police activities

  • To cultivate a bond between the police and the common man with the purpose of increasing the common man's trust in the police. To improve the image of the police in the peoples mind.

  • To educate the people about the antisocial, antipeople activities of naxalites.

  • To enlist the support of the people in the fight against naxalites and factionalists.

Several song and drama troupes were formed that wrote and sang songs, and enacted short skits to highlight the antisocial and antipeople activities of naxalites; and the programs being pursued by the police.


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