Umesh Chandra in Karimnagar

Umesh Chandra served in Karimnagar from June 1997 to April 1998. This district had the most number of active naxalite gangs. Normal life was but a dream. Corrupt and vested interests worked hand-in-glove with the naxalites in exploiting the hard-working, honest and law-abiding citizens of this district.

On the naxalite front Umesh Chandra started planning and executing covert operations with meticulous detail. He put together a close well-knit group of officers and constables that he could trust to get the job done. His reputation of a fair, yet strict administrator helped convince several naxalites to surrender.


Umesh Chandra initiated a special strategy to use many of the disgruntled naxalites to launch cleanup operations against several top naxalite leaders. All his operations were highly sensational as they lead to the capture or death of the top leaders of the naxal movement. Many police officials opine that Umesh Chandra achieved in 10 months what earlier police chiefs could not in the past decade.


Umesh Chandra's naxal operations in the district essentially broke the back of naxalism in Karimnagar district. These highly successful operations also convinced several dozen naxalites to give up violence and join the mainstream society.


Umesh Chandra also launched investigations and operations against fraudulent finance companies. These companies had the backing of local political leaders. Umesh Chandra's operations resulted in the closure of these highly lucrative finance companies. As a result the political leadership of the district resented Umesh Chandra for his honesty and integrity.


As was the case with Cuddapah, elections in Karimnagar were peaceful with heavy voter turnout. The return of hard-earned money to people and the prevailing of peace in the district was highly appreciated by one and all, except the corrupt and vested interests who no longer could cheat the common man.

The disgruntled elements brought political pressure on the government and got Umesh Chandra transferred. After Umesh Chandra handed over his charge to the S.P replacing him, the people and the police protested this action by the government. This lead to allegations that public property was damaged by the police, when they gave vent to their anger.

Given that Umesh Chandra was not the S.P of Karimnagar, he was blamed for the ensuing unrest. A lot of hue and cry was raised in the state assembly, leading to Umesh Chandra's unjust, unwarranted suspension. A subsequent judicial enquiry exonerated Umesh Chandra and the district police of instigating violence, and all other charges.

As a disciplined officer Umesh Chandra bore this insult with stoicism. He resumed his duties as A.I.G when the suspension was revoked. He was moved to Hyderabad with the charge of welfare and sports.

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